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How big is your world

Posted by on March 22, 2020 at 8:00 AM

We all live on the same planet, yet our experiences of our living spaces are so vastly different. I am not referring here to the financial restraints of abject poverty versus incredible wealth. What I am referring to is someone of middle income and how much they spread their wings in their world. I know a wide range of people - from those who border on agoraphobia (so they stay mostly within the confines of their homes) to those who can't sit still and are always off on a drive or a trip.

How much do you get out? There are many psychological factors that drive how freely we move about. You might have decided that going out is no longer safe (crime/ accidents) or very inconvenient (traffic). Maybe your reasons for not going out are more deeply entrenched - a fear of the unknown, even if that unknown is simply not being sure exactly where you are going; what it will be like or how long it is going to take.

Someone once said, we hardly ever regret the things we have done, it is the things we haven't done, that haunts us. So this blog is about encouraging you to take stock of how often you move out of your comfort zone and to encourage you to do so, more often. Other than for work, how often do you get out of your suburb? How often do you get out of the city altogether? When was the last time you were out of your province? And not just to Knysna or PE, but even as far as KZN or Limpopo.

Plan an outing today - and then follow through. Even if it is just to go and do your grocery shopping in the Waterfront instead of your local mall, or to go to Paternoster for a Saturday lunch. Take your time. Stop at the farmstalls. Enjoy the drive.

When you first got your driver's licence, you felt free and grown up. You probably delighted in just going to the shop for your mom to buy bread. Oh those heady drives when you could tune the radio to any station you wanted and turn the volume up as loudly as you could!

Leaving our comfort zone and stretching our wings don't need to stop when we turn 25 or 30. 

Get out there. And if you can - put some gravel in your travel.

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