Stephanie Sieberhagen

Relationship Specialist

Working with other health professionals

There is the old adage that the barman knows more about a man's marriage, than his wife does. This seems to be true now of hair dressers, pharmacists and the cable guy, too! As a health professional, you might often be faced with a scenario where a patient clearly needs more time to chat, while your waiting room fills u and you are under pressure to move on. But how do you d that when your patient is clearly in need? The right answer is that you need to refer. Psychologists like me have trained for many years to listen to other people's stories and help them make sense of their lives. As much as you would like to help, giving quick advice or dismissing the patient because their story has no relevance to their immediate medical issue, can do more harm than good. A sincere referral, however, will help you to get on with your work and help your patient to get the time they need to off-load their worries.

A second scenario is that you are struggling to case manage a patient and their family as they need more time for you to explain complex medical situations, especially when it comes to chronic conditions. I have been helping facilitate these interactions for years, with great success. As a fellow health professional, it will just take you a few minutes to get me on the same page and I can then take the time to explain the situation to the patient and their family. Medical interventions such as surgery might be routine work for you, but for your patients, it will be life changing. I sit with them and give them time to ask questions and raise any concerns they might have.

Lastly, I would have you consider partnering with me when it comes to mood disturbances such as anxiety or depression. Patients who are being medicated for these conditions should be in therapy at the same time. 

I am happy to make an appointment to meet you one-on-one so we can see whether working together is a good option for us. Partnering with other health professionals and building referral networks are powerful tools in holistic health.