Stephanie Sieberhagen

Relationship Specialist

Gift of Fear

The book, ‘The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence’ by Gavin de Becker was first published in 1997. The book demonstrates how every individual should learn to trust the inherent "gift" of their gut instinct. By learning to recognize various warning signs and precursors to violence, it becomes possible to avoid potential trauma and harm.

By finding patterns in stories of violence and abuse, de Becker seeks to highlight the inherent predictability of violence. The book explores various settings where violence may be found—the workplace, the home, the school, dating—and describes what de Becker calls pre-incident indicators (PINS). By noticing PINS, individuals can better predict violence before it occurs, and therefore, take the necessary precautions and actions to stay safe. The Gift of Fear also describes de Becker’s MOSAIC Threat Assessment Systems, which have been employed by various celebrities and government agencies to predict and prevent violence. It has been published in 14 languages and endorsed by a wide variety of celebrities including Marcia Clark, Carolyn Hax, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster and David Mamet.

Following De Becker’s text, I have designed several workshops and run them successfully with young women from different backgrounds in South Africa. My experience has been that the subject matter draws workshop participants’ interest and engages them fully with great long term results. Without fail the feedback has been that participants have been able to protect themselves from violence in intimate relationships as well as in stranger encounters.

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Female hormones and moods

If you go to the Female Hormones tab above, you can read more about my theses and the research study I conducted on the relationship between a woman's menstrual cycle and her moods. I am eager to get the word about cycle moods out there to dispel myths; empower women and heal relationships. Please invite me to come and talk at your school; company or other group about how you can take control and steer your life through active mood consciousness and management.

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